New Hire Packet Part-Time Staff

Welcome to the Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education!

Once all of the documents are complete, please contact Angela Tobey, Human Resources Manager:

Important Contacts:

  • Angela Tobey, Human Resources Manager - 973-226-7120 ext 3011 -

  • Aileen Kasper, Payroll - 973-228-3360 ext 3004 -

  • Mary Jane Tripucka, Business Office - 973-228-3360 ext 3007 -

  • Maryanne Rivera, District Nurse - 973-228-7173 -

  1. Fingerprinting and Criminal History Instructions 

  2. Payroll

    1. W-4 (Federal) (return to Angela Tobey)

    2. Direct Deposit form (return to Angela Tobey)

    3. W-2 Opt-In Authorization (return to Angela Tobey)

    4. Important Pay Day Information / Doculivery

    5. Doculivery Quick-Start Guide

    6. Link to Doculivery Employee/Paycheck Portal

  3. I-9 Form – (return to Angela Tobey along with a copy of your social security card and driver’s license)

  4. Health Forms

    1. Employee Health and Physical Questionnaire (return to Maryann Rivera, District Nurse,

    2. Mantoux (TB) test Form (return to Maryann Rivera, District Nurse,

    3. Hepatitis B Form (return to Maryann Rivera,

  5. Pension Enrollment (Aileen Kasper, payroll)

    1. Pension Memo

    2. Pension Information Sheet (return to Aileen Kasper

  6. 403b and 457b Information can be found here

  7. 10-month and 12-month calendars

  8. Frontline (Absence Management, Central, IEP Direct, 504) Guide for Employees

    1. Guide for Employees

    2. Frontline link to Login

  9. Safe Schools Information

    1. Safe Schools Link to Login

  10. Paraprofessional Handbook