Washington School mac attack delicious end for local families (via the Progress)

Washington School mac attack delicious end for local families

School contest fills food pantry

Posted: Monday, August 4, 2014 3:00 am

CALDWELL–Washington School’s Mac and Cheese Wars challenged students to do good by donating a box or two of a favorite childhood food, and the end result was filling the Caldwell Food Pantry.

“The teachers were looking for a fun way to inspire students to be aware of those in need, and to reach out to help them,” said Washington School principal Barbara Adams. “They were happily surprised by how the students and parents of Washington School embraced this campaign and made it a huge success.”

It started as a simple challenge; which class at Washington Elementary School could accumulate the most boxes of macaroni and cheese for four weeks in May and June for donation to the Caldwell Food Pantry.

Coordinated by the West Caldwell School’s physical education teacher Sheila Zeman and art teacher Krystyn Kaufman, students brought in boxes, packages, even cartons of macaroni and cheese, keeping count of their donations on paper thermometers hung on the wall of the school’s gym. The thermometer tallies quickly rose as students continued to bring in boxes each week. As the last week of the contest approached, the number of donations continued to rise as students reported to parents about the current tallies and which classroom was in the lead.

“The competition was not only a way to keep the food pantry stocked with a staple for the summer, but it showed the students how easy it really is to remember to help others,” said Zeman.

For her part, Maria Burak, director of Human Services for the Borough of Caldwell thought the program was fantastic.

“Add some ground meat or tuna fish and you have a complete meal,” Burak said. “I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this.”

To make sure that everyone would see exactly how much macaroni and cheese was collected, 67 fifth grade students worked with Kaufman and Zeman to “bury” Burak in macaroni and cheese, and then create and Op Art sculpture, stacking the different colored boxes in an artistic formation.

After counting the 3650 boxes, the class that donated the most number of boxes celebrated their generosity and competitive spirit by watching a movie and snacking on ice pops during one of the last days of the school year.

“This fun event had a very serious purpose: to ensure that there would be enough macaroni and cheese available all summer long, for any hungry family who needed some,” Adams said.

The drive so successful, storage space became an issue.

“We have a lot of it at the food bank,” said Burak. “However, we did ask if we can get it a few cartons at a time. I don’t know if we can fit it all. This was really amazing.”

For more information on how to help or to make a local donation, contact Maria Burak at the center at 1 Provost Square, Caldwell, or call 973-403-4623. For more information on Washington Elementary School, visit www.cwcboe.org/washington.