Policy 4218 - Substance Abuse

4218 SUBSTANCE ABUSE - June 29, 2015


The Board of Education recognizes a support staff member who reports to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol poses a significant threat to their health, safety, and welfare and the health, safety, and welfare of others, including students and other staff members. The Board strongly advises any support staff member that has a dependency on a substance as defined in this Policy to seek appropriate treatment. The Board has an obligation and the right to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and adopts this Policy as an important component toward maintaining a safe environment in the school district. A support staff member is prohibited from possession, use, distribution, or being under the influence.... Click the attachment for the complete policy.

4218 SUBSTANCE ABUSE SUPPORT STAFF 6-29-2016.pdf, 173.94 KB; (Last Modified on March 7, 2016)