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Using the Communications Features on the Website

Features and Commonly Asked Questions
The new district website offers a variety of custom features and options to enable you to receive information and message updates in a timely and efficient manner.
RSS Feeds -- on each page within the website, you can select the RSS feed option/icon RSS Feed logo.  The option enables you to customize your MSN, Google or Yahoo home page with information from that specific web page.
Access Info -- Once you have registered for the website, each time you sign in, an Access Info tab appears at the top right of the screen. The Access Info tab enables you to update your profile and manage your e-alerts and web page subscriptions.  (The e-alert and subscription prompt appears at the bottom of the profile page.)  Use the drop down selection at the top of the E-Alerts Subscriptions page to select the specifc school/schools from which you wish to receive updates.  Remember to save your subscriptions at the bottom of each school's subscription page.
Calendar Exports -- You can import calendar information from the CWC School District website calendar into your device, Outlook or Google calendars.  Remember to export information on a regular basis to get the latest calendar information.  The website export calendar feature creates a file that can be saved and imported into your home device.  For specific information on how to import the exported data into your calendar, refer to your specific device or program. 
NOTE on Searches -- Please note, that searches such as Google and Yahoo use a cached page method to search the Internet. This means that although the search engines will find our school and its pages, it will reference the old website pages and result in a "Page Not Found" error when you select one of the results. This will improve over time as our new website becomes more established.