Caldwell-West Caldwell Elementary School Boundaries
Jefferson School
Prospect Street
West Caldwell
Lincoln School
 Crane Street
Washington School
Central Ave.
West Caldwell
Wilson School
Orton Rd.
West Caldwell

Academy Road
Aldom Circle
Birkendene Road
Bloomfield Avenue (#384-810 even only)
Bond Place
Bowers Road
Brookside Avenue
Cedars Road
Cherry Lane
Cleveland Road
Dawson Drive (#1-11)
DeCamp Court
Deerfield Road (#76+)
Elizabeth Street
Evergreen Road
Everett Court
Florence Place
Gladding Road
Gould Place
Hanlon Road
Highview Road
Holiday Drive
Howland Circle
Jackson Place
Kanouse Place
Klimback Court
Knollwood Terrace
Lane Avenue
Leaycraft Lane
Liddy Place
Lincoln Terrace
Lockward Road
Lougheed Avenue
Magnolia Lane
Martin Road
Melrose Place
Oak Ridge Road
Old Carriage Road
Overlook Road
Park Street
Park Terrace
Passaic Avenue
(#416-524 even only)
Prospect Street
Rubino Road
Runnymede Road
Thomas Street
Washburn Place
West Brook Drive
Westville Avenue (all except #238-314 even)
Woodmere Road


Arlington Avenue
Arlington Court
Ashland Street
Beekman Hill Road
Bloomfield Avenue (#2-382 even; #1-455 odd)
Cavell Place
Chestnut Street
Cleveland Street
Cooks Lane
Crane Avenue
Dewey Avenue
Dorset Circle
Elm Road
Erwin Place
Essex Road
Fells Manor Road
Ferndale Road
Forest Avenue
Gates Avenue
Grove Street
Grover Lane
Grover Lane West
Hanford Place
Harrison Street
Hatfield Street
Hawthorne Road
Hillside Avenue
Kirkwood Place
Linwood Terrace
Mountain Avenue
Myrtle Avenue
Oak Grove Road
Oakland Avenue
Old Chester Road
Orchard Square
Park Avenue (#1-70)
Park Lane
Parkway East
Parkway West
Personnette Street
Redman Terrace
Roseland Avenue
Ryerson Avenue
Sanderson Avenue
Seymour Street
Smull Avenue
Tobin Avenue
Ward Place
Washington Avenue (#121+)
White Birch Terrace
Whitfield Street


Annin Road
Beverly Road
Bloomfield Avenue (#457-789 odd only)
Boxwood Drive
Brookwood Drive
Caton Terrace
Cedar Street
Central Avenue
Central Place
Clinton Road (Passaic Avenue to Fairfield Avenue)
Coolidge Avenue
Crossbrook Lane
Dodd Road
Domessina Lane
Ella Road
Elmwood Terrace
Espy Road
Fairfield Avenue
Fairmount Road
Farrington Street
Feldstone Place
Francis Place
Francisco Avenue
Gray Street
Grove Street (West Caldwell)
Harding Terrace
Highland Drive
Hillcrest Road
Jameson Place
Kramer Avenue
Laurel Place
Lincoln Place
Long Meadow Lane
Marshall Street
McKinley Avenue
McRae Court
Miller Street
Mitchell Avenue
Natalie Drive
Nutting Place
Oates Terrace
Park Avenue (#71+)
Passaic Avenue (#600 to West Caldwell line, even only)
Pin Oak Road
Pleasant Avenue
Ravine Avenue
Ridge Terrace
Rosemere Avenue
Spring Lane
Springdale Road
Stonybrook Road
Sunset Road
Sweetwood Court
Sylvan Way
Taylor Drive
Tempesta Terrace
Thrumont Road
Twin Brook Road
Wakefield Place
Washington Avenue (#1-120)
Welshman Court
Westover Avenue
Westover Terrace
Wilson Terrace
Woodland Road
Woodrow Place
Woodside Avenue 


Aldrin Drive

Beechtree Road

Beechwood Road

Bloomfield Avenue (#812+)

Brian Road

Brian Place

Cascade Place

Cascade Road

Clinton Road

(Passaic Avenue to

  West Caldwell line)

Dalewood Road

Dana Place

Dana Road

Dawson  Drive (#12+)

DeBaun Avenue

Deerfield Road (#1-75)

Dillon Road

Distler Avenue

Eastern Parkway

Ellis Place

Ellis Road

Essex Place

Fairfield Crescent

Fairfield Avenue (#221+)

Fairfield Place

Francine Avenue

Franklin Avenue

Glen Drive

Glenwood Way

Gymoty Road

Hasemann Court

Harrison Avenue
Henderson Drive


Herbert Place

Holderith Road

Johnson Avenue

Kirkpatrick Lane

Knoll Place

Knoll Terrace

Lee Drive

Lombard Drive

McNish Way

Memorial Road

Midvale Avenue

Mt. Herman Way

Orton Road

Parkview avenue

Passaic Avenue (#246-414 even;

Bloomfield Avenue to

West Caldwell line, odd)

Piermont Place

Pine Tree Place

Richard Avenue

Roosevelt Avenue

Sanford Avenue

St. Charles Avenue

Sunnie Terrace

Terrace Place

Van Ness Place

Walden Place

Westview Road

Westville Avenue

(#238-314 even only)

Whitaker Place