• Robotics and Control

    Course Description
    Robotics and Control is a course designed for students to experience the design and development of robots and control devices for technology based systems. This course will teach students to design, construct and program machines that will be controlled by microcomputers, and electromechanical systems.
    Prerequisites: Computer Science I or Fundamentals of Engineering.
    Student Centered Learner Goals:
    Robotics and Control is intended to:
    1. Raise critical and creative thinking skills.
    2. Elevate students’ abilities to design.
    3. Utilize and control technology for coping with real world problems.
    4. Cultivate awareness for the growing use of robotics in our lives.
    5. Teach students to manage long-term projects.
    6. Compel students to practice research skills.
    7. Require students to evaluate technological systems.
    8. Assist students in communicating their ideas.
    9. Identify robotics and engineering careers.
    10. Deliver interdisciplinary education through differentiated instruction.
    11. Foster technological literacy.
    12. Advance independent and cooperative learning.
    13. Promote students to be wiser consumers.
    14. Teach students to document their thought processes through design portfolios.
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