AHERA Notification to Staff/Parents

  • In accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency's asbestos-containing materials in the School Rule (40CFR 763 Subpart E, commonly referred to as the AHERA Regulations), please be advised that since the last Annual Notification of Asbestos Management Activities, the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District has undertaken abatement activities.
    These activities are the results of building renovation based on six (6) month surveillances conducted and completed during 2014-2015. Six (6)-month surveillances are conducted once every six months for the purpose of monitoring the condition of intact asbestos containing materials previously identified in the Management Plan for each building. The results of these surveillances are incorporated into the Management Plan and are used to schedule maintenance and response activities.
    A copy of each school Management Plan is on file in the main office of each building, as well as in the Supervisor of Maintenance & Operations Office.  The Management Plan is available for inspection by employees, parents and the public, at no charge during regular school hours.
    The Caldwell-West Caldwell School District has appointed Mr. Chris Marcell as the designated person certified to ensure that the requirements of AHERA are properly met and implemented. 
    Any questions concerning the AHERA Plan should be directed to Mr. Chris Marcell at (973) 228-1724.