• Attendance Secretary: Val Prendergast   jchsattendance@cwcboe.org



    New Jersey Administrative Code 18A requires that all students under the age of sixteen regularly attend school. 

    Parents are requested to telephone the school (973-228-6981) before 8:00 a.m. to report a student’s absence.

    Absence Note
    A student who has been absent should bring a note to the main office on the morning he/she returns to school. That note must include the date(s) of absence, the reason for the absence(s), and must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian. A parent note “Acknowledges” the absence, but the absence still counts towards a student's total absences. Upon returning to school, a doctor’s note should be submitted to the main office. ​Doctor’s notes will not be accepted more than one week after a student’s return to school. Doctor’s notes can be faxed directly to JCHS at (973)226-9236 Att: Jill Muller

    “Unexcused absences” results when a student fails to bring a note of explanation regarding the absence other than excused absences (see “Excused Absences” below.)

    “Acknowledged absences” occur when a parent calls the office to inform that their child is absent from school with the parent’s knowledge, however there is no formal documentation to support the absences. These absences are included when calculating a student’s total absences from class.

    “Excused absences” are defined as those caused by legal, bereavement, medical and/or religious reasons. The day of a student’s driver’s license test is also considered an “excused absence.” Personal illness as supported with a doctor’s note, death in the immediate family, and officially recognized religious holidays are also excused absences.

    In addition, students in grades 11 and 12 are permitted up to three college visit days during the school year, which are considered excused absences provided the student returns to school with a note
    from the college/university documenting the date of the visit.  Students who participate in school-sponsored activities that are held off school property are considered present.