• Class of 2022 President

    Pauline Dominguez

    Hello fellow Freshmen!  I, Pauline Dominguez, am running to be your class president this year.  I want you to know that if I become president, my main goal will be to have everyone’s voice heard.  Malala Yousafzai once said, “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”  I strongly believe this quote is a mantra everyone should live by.  Voicing your opinions can be difficult in different ways.  Some people are too shy, and others are never given the opportunity.  As president, I will address this issue by putting a suggestion box in the main office.  This would solve both of these problems by being an easy and anonymous way to have your voice heard.  I will make sure that everyone’s suggestions are heard and that change will happen. Vote Pauline Dominguez for your Freshman class president!


    Julia Duren-Lubanski

    Click here to view Julia's campaign video.


    Manny Forlenza

    More is always better and I am the best candidate for the Freshman Class President.  I was involved in Student Council all three years at GCMS.  During my 8th grade year, I was elected to be your Vice-President.  I have attended National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) where I learned how to lead people, how to help others before myself, how to properly delegate, and how to get things done.  I am a Boy Scout, and have learned lots of useful leadership skills from it.  I am creative and will always think of new ideas to get us what we need in new fun creative ways, that demonstrate the JCHS spirit.  Vote for Me, Manny Forlenza for Freshman Class President.


    Caroline Male

    If I was elected to be the Class President,  I would like to make freshman year more fun.  I’d try to have more spirit weeks, cool pep rallies, and more exciting things.  I’d also take your suggestions and try my best to make them happen.  I want to make this year very enjoyable, since it is our first year at James Caldwell High School.  As President my top priority would be to make sure the rest of the grade had a great and entertaining year.  I would like to be President because I also want to have a fun year, and having me as President will do so.


    Ryan Nair

    Not yet submitted.


    Sean Payne

    Not yet submitted.


    Weston Ryder

    Hello JCHS, my name is Weston Ryder and I am running for Class President.  To talk a little bit about myself, I am 14 years old, I am in Class Council and Key Club, I plan on joining the Swim Team, and I plan to be an architectural engineer when I grow up.  Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to become class president one day and either if it was after watching Napoleon Dynamite or just finding out what a class president was in general, I knew that I would try to strive for that when I got to high school.  Overall, I feel like I would make a great class president for a couple important reasons. First off, I feel as if I will make intelligent decisions for the school. To elaborate, I have been a high honor roll student every year in middle school and I feel as if I can apply that knowledge to weigh the consequences of decisions and make sure every choice Class Council makes is important, helpful, and will work.  Second, I feel as if I will implement new and fresh ideas to make sure that Class Council can make a difference.  For example, I think that candy grams were popular last year, so if people are interested in that, I will try to implement it, I will try to donate a portion of our proceeds to charity, and I will make sure to take suggestions and feedback for any of our decisions.  Lastly, I feel as if I am a good leader.  To elaborate, I have leadership positions in other extra-curricular activities, like a patrol leader in Boy Scouts, so I have experience, and I love public speaking, so I will be good at being in charge and managing people.  Thus, I feel as if I will make a great class president due to the skills and features I previously listed, and I will make sure that besides trying to link Class Council with other clubs, to make sure that all students are thought of and are positively affected by any decisions we make.  So, this election, remember to “Forget the rest and vote for Weston”.