• CWC Kindergarten Enrichment ProgramK Tree

    Learn Through Exploration, Experimentation, & Play! 


    Mission Statement:

    The Kindergarten Enrichment Program’s mission is to channel a child’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity to set the stage for future learning by encouraging the passion to explore and by providing opportunities to create work that is real and meaningful. Students have a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork to becoming lifetime self-directed learners; critical and creative thinkers; and responsible, productive citizens.

    Curriculum Goals:

    To provide learning opportunities for children that inspire exploration and creative expression

    To foster social, intellectual, and emotional development

    To offer team building projects and activities

    To reinforce the academic programs that the children are learning in kindergarten


    The goal of the Kindergarten Enrichment Program is to service as many families in the district as possible.  We currently have four classes (two during the morning session and two during the afternoon session). However, we are hoping to expand the program next year and will do so if the demand exists.  Therefore, please be sure to submit your application and deposit so that we can make informed decisions about program capacity and class size.