0              7:55am – 8:15am

    1              8:15am – 8:35am

    2              8:35am – 9:04am

    3              9:09am – 9:29am

    4              9:33am – 9:53am

    5              9:57am – 10:17am

    6             10:21am – 10:41am

    7             10:45am – 11:05am

    8             11:09am – 11:29am

    9             11:33am – 11:53am

    10           11:57am – 12:17pm

    11           12:21pm – 12:41pm

    12           12:45pm -1:05pm

    13           1:09pm -1:29pm

    14           1:33pm -1:53pm

    15           1:57pm -2:17pm

    16           2:21pm -2:41pm

    17           2:41pm - 3:01pm

    Every class is a combination of two modules of twenty minutes each, plus four minutes of passing time.  The one exception to this is the five minute passing time allotted at the end of Module 2.  Depending upon a pupil’s particular schedule, the classes will fall within the range of the modules listed above.  A student’s lunch period is one of any modules 7-12 inclusive, depending upon the respective choice of subjects and when these classes meet.  Module “0” (zero), which begins at 7:55 AM, and Module 17, which ends at 3:01 PM, are utilized in conjunction with laboratory science courses.  The “Zero Period” AM Health and Physical Education classes and Woodworking start at 7:10 AM, not at 7:55 AM.


    In the event of a school closing or delayed opening, parents of registered students will be informed via the SchoolMessenger Alert System, the website will be updated at www.cwcboe.org, and the school district's Facebook and Twitter accounts will post the information. JCHS classes will begin at 9:45 AM for a delayed opening and school will continue through 2:41 PM.

    If the number of days schools are closed for emergency exceeds 4, days will be added as per the approved school year calendar.