Our House System

  •  It sounds like something out of a Harry Potter movie, but each year, students in grades six through eight at Grover Cleveland Middle School participate in courage house “Sorting Day”.  The brainchild of teachers Adriana Halkias, Melissa Silverthorne, and Jeff Bishop, Sorting Day assigns students to specific “Houses” based on the pillars of character: endurance, courage, respect, knowledge, leadership, responsibility, integrity and citizenship. Students  remain in their “houses” throughout their middle school years. The house system is designed to create positive interactions between students and build school spirit and pride.tug-of-war

    Throughout the year, students participate in a host of activities that can earn points or “bricks” for their house. Activities focus on individual and team challenges (mental and athletic), including puzzle making, relay races, and developing a house motto and chant. Other events include fundraising efforts for charity, and other spirit and community-building endeavors.