• telephone ringingE-mail and Voice Mail Note for Parents
    The Caldwell-West Caldwell School District has provided professional and instructional staff members with an e-mail address and voice mail extension to support their professional responsibilities. The following guidelines are provided to assist staff and community members to utilize e-mail and voice mail effectively in educational settings:
    E-mail is to be used for clarification of assignments, due date questions, field trip questions, request for a phone call, thank you notes, any information about class assignments, communicating with colleagues and staff members, etc.; E-mail is NOT to be used for discussions, discipline issues, student information (privacy laws), or emergencies (example: Johnny/Suzy will be picked up in five minutes.), and nothing of a time sensitive nature. Conferences should be used to discuss private issues.
    To e-mail a member of the faculty, simply click on the staff member’s e-mail address in the staff section of their school or type the persons first initial and last name followed by @cwcboe.org in your e-mail program. Please be sure to sign your name and give email addresses or phone numbers that teachers can respond back to you. Anonymous emails or phone calls will not be responded to.

    Each teacher is given a voice mail box for phone messages. Voice mail and homework hotline extensions may be found in the staff section of each school's website. During the school day please call the main office and a message will be left. After school hours you may leave a message for a staff member on their voice mail. Teachers may be available to return phone calls during their planning times, before school, or after school. Please allow them one business day (24 hours) to respond to your phone calls or emails prior to making a second call.
    If you have concerns that do not fall within the guidelines above, please contact your child's building principal. If you experience any technical difficulty using the e-mail addresses provided, please contact webmaster@cwcboe.org for assistance.