Daily Bulletin                                                                                              

March 3, 2017

THRU March 3, 2017

All girls playing softball this year, please report to Grover Cleveland Middle School today at 3:15pm.  All girls must be medically cleared to participate.


Congratulations to the following seniors, whose team won the Senior Volleyball Tournament last night!  A fun night was had by all!  Thank you to all who participated!  The winning team members are:  Samantha DeSena, Anna Rowland, Allie Behre, Sam Gargiulo, Phoebe Bledsoe, Mike Cavallo, Dante Capozzoli, Alex Nicol, Jason Costa and Peter Vicchio.  Please come to the main office to collect your prize!


THRU March 13, 2017

Attention all students!  Help the Math Club get ready for Pi Day on Tuesday, March 14th!  Every day this week during lunch mods you can help us add to our Pi Chain!  It’s free and easy, and on Pi Day we’ll be able to see how long it stretches.  You can also donate money to charity for a chance to pie Mr. Devlin on Pi Day!  Our charity supports low-income, high achieving students and gives them scholarships to access better education.  We need to raise $500, please help out!  We also have Pi Day t-shirts for sale for $15.  Get yours today to wear on Pi Day.


To all student ages 16-19 - A great opportunity to travel and be immersed in the Japanese culture.  The Rotary Club, once again, would like to take 27 students to Japan on this exchange program.  You will learn Japanese culture, and interact with Japanese student and families.

This is a three week trip from June 29 to July 20, 2017  The entire cost is $3000.  Come to Guidance for details.