Mr. McLaughlin 
    8th Grade Social Studies
    Ancient & Medieval World History: Timeline  
    Welcome to Mr. McLaughlin’s Social Studies class!  In our exploration of Ancient and Medieval World History, we will trace the development of human civilizations from prehistory to the end of the Middle Ages.  We will focus on an intensive, thematic study of cultures in the past, doing the work of a historian, and writing to develop a greater sense the world around you.  Topics of interest include an investigation into Pharaohs, Silk Road, Great Wall of China, Mythology, World Religions, Incas, Black Death, Mongols, and Renaissance.  Get ready for an exciting and enriching school year!
    The course provides students with a solid foundation of objective facts, an understanding of history from various perspectives, the opportunity to draw and justify conclusions about the past, and a connection from ancient and medieval civilizations to our present world.
    Instructional goals of the course emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, strong writing techniques, primary and secondary source analysis and evaluation, cooperative learning, research practices, and the development of 21st century global skills.
    Mr. McLaughlin  

    Mr. Trevor J. McLaughlin
    Eighth Grade Social Studies 
    Grover Cleveland Middle School
    Room 203
    Phone: (972) 228-9115 x2203