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    Greetings Students and Parents 
    Click here for your 5th-Grade Supply List and an All About Me (You) Poster to bring to school the first day back.



    Please, bring only healthy snacks for our 10:00 AM Classroom Snacktime.

    These snacks may include fruits, vegetables, yogurt, health bars, etc. 


    Preparing for a Successful Year in Math
     A note about why is it VERY important that you come into 5th grade knowing your multiplication facts:
    All 5th-grade math builds on your multiplication facts, therefore, in the 5th-grade, you are expected to use these facts quickly and efficiently.
    I promise that if you practice these facts, almost daily, you will become a strong 5th-Grade Mathematician! To help you, here is another practice link.  Also, please note that there will be a multiplication test the first week back at school.