Office of the Principal 
    18 Crane Street


    November 16, 2012


    Dear Lincoln Families,


    In the spirit of safety, I would like to remind everyone of the following:


    • When dropping children off on Crane Street in the morning, please pull your car forward to allow space for other cars to safely line up behind you.  Additionally, your children should exit through the car door facing the sidewalk.  Do not park your car in the drop off zone, or get out of your car to help your children. Instead, remain in your car, say goodbye to your children, let them exit your car and then please drive carefully on your way.  If you want to escort your child to the building, please park in a legal parking space.  Following these steps will help ensure an efficient and safe drop off process.

    • Remember that parents are not permitted to park in the staff parking lot for any reason for any amount of time during school hours. This includes the pickup of A.M. Kindergarten students and drop off of P.M. Kindergarten students. Blind spots create a dangerous situation for everyone.  Additionally, do not walk in the parking lot.  Use the sidewalks.

    ·      Please send your child to school with a warm jacket, hat, and gloves during the winter. We do go outside for recess on most days.               

    ·      Please be familiar with procedures pertaining to school closings and delayed openings due to inclement weather. As winter approaches, information about delayed openings and school closings will be communicated through our Honeywell Instant Alert System and on television through News 12, WOR, Good Day New York (Fox Channel 5), WNBC (Channel 4), Comcast Channels 35 and 36, and Verizon FIOS Channel 47 (West Caldwell only). Information is also available by telephone message at 226-1663 and on the district’s website www.cwcboe.org

    • For security purposes, all visitors are to use the main entrance of the building and must sign in at the Main Office. Parents/Guardians are considered visitors.

    • Students are late to school if they are not lined up with their class when the bell rings. If they arrive prior to 9:00 A.M., they are to enter the building through the gym doors and proceed directly to their classrooms; after 9:00 A.M., they may enter the front doors and go to the office for a late slip (this includes A.M. Kindergarten). 

    Following these simple rules help to contribute to the safety of your child at school and is an excellent behavior model for all students.


    Thank you for your contribution to the safety of Lincoln School.





    Adam Geher