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    bins Lincoln School helps to save our environment through an innovative recycling program. Since the fall of 2010, Lincoln School has been a TerraCycle® Brigade participant. We collect specific non-recyclable packaging as a way of helping the environment, educating our children about recycling and reusing and a way of raising money. Our collection program has evolved since we first started. We went from a source of fundraising for the school and saving tons of garbage from ending up in a landfill to, in addition, educating our students about saving lives with clean water and helping other children and communities around the globe. It might sound like a complex task, but in reality our small contribution goes a long way. By donating the proceeds from our recycling collection with TerraCycle to the Unicef Tap Project, we are able to help children to have access to clean and safe water and proper sanitation in different communities around the world.
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    What Have We Accomplished So Far?

    Drink Pouches collected: 16,057
    Oral care collected: 1,805
    Snack Bag collected: 16,532
    Cookie Wrapper collected: 2,662
    Home Storage Collected: 4, 125
    Below are the Guidelines for the Current Brigade Collections at Lincoln School
    Juice Pouch Collection
    We currently collect drink pouches in the cafeteria during lunch time and the program accepts:
    • Capri Sun® and Kids Honest® juice pouches;
    • Aluminum and plastic pouches (free of liquid and no need to remove the straws) and
    • Pouches with spouts (no longer required to be cut)

    Your participation is a key part of our efforts. Think GREEN. Be GREEN. Help our planet and our global community one recycled item at a time!
    What Have We Done
    Over the past ten years, Lincoln School has participated in the following recycling programs.

    Juice Pouch Brigade – which accepts any brand of juice pouch; currently being collected in
    the cafeteria but can be sent in from home (see video podcast for detailed example on how to
    clean these pouches)

    Chip Bag Brigade – which accepts any brand and any size snack bag

    Cookie Bag Brigade – which accepts any brand and any size cookie package

    Spreads Brigade – which accepts any brand and any size of spread tubs and lids (ie. Butter, margarine and cream cheese spread tubs)

    AVEENO Beauty Brigade – which accepts any brand and any type of personal care/beauty tubes. (ie. Any tubes of lotion, facial wash tubes, body wash tubes and hair gel tubes)

    Elmer's Glue Crew Brigade – which accepts any brand glue stick or glue bottle. There will be collection bins in the class room but feel free to collect these items and send them in from home.

    Colgate Oral Care Brigade- which accepts any brand used toothpaste tubes, used toothbrushes and plastic toothbrush packaging.

    Neosporin Brigade – which accepts any brand first aid cream tubes.

    Ziploc Brigade – which accepts any brand and any size ziploc-type bag, please ensure that the bags are not wet when sent in for recycling; tiny crumbs and a slight smudges are acceptable.

    The TerraCycle Brigade programs are a fun and easy way for us to empower our children tomake a difference locally while at the same time learning about the importance of recycling and reusing. Thank you in advance for helping us reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and raise money. Your participation in a key part of our efforts. Think GREEN. Be GREEN. Help our planet one recycled item at a time!
Last Modified on April 16, 2015