Maura Bowe  Lincoln
    Grover Cleveland Middle School
    Grade 7 

    Let common sense  and common honesty

    have fair play, and they will soon set things to right  ...

                                               Thomas Jefferson

    Dear Parents and Students,

    I am so delighted to share in the education of your child!  This will be a wonderful year of intellectual and social growth. I am looking to make this one of the best years of learning for both your child and myself!  We will NOT have a traditional textbook!  Google docs and google classroom will be our vehicles for learning! The true benefits of this action are :  no forgetting of materials at school, students can go much further in their learning then ever before and we are preparing them for the future!    I publish my "Lincoln Weekly"  each week for you to see and follow my plans, daily lessons and goals for learning.  As with all digital learning adventures, there may be a few snags at times, but as with all challenges,  we can work through them and be incredibly successful!

       In educating our NET generation,  21st Century Schools  need to blend and balance technological skills and the lessons of a nurturing pedagogy.   This year we will be participating in many types of projects aimed at encouraging empathy and community service. We hope to be successful enough to contribute to our local communities.  Our Social Studies  Department feels , that in all things there must be a balance.  We feel activities such as these will provide  authentic "hands on" learning and  provide a counter part  to our digital experiences. We want our students to experience the caring and giving side, to appreciate the COMMON GOOD our Founding Fathers spoke of  in the forming of our democracy.  To this end,  all of our experiences in this school year will be based upon this  "Big Question" and  "Overriding Theme": 


         “Why is it so important to be an informed and active citizen in  America’s democracy?”



    We need to begin having our learners  realize that they are an important part of our democracy and its success.  We are working to develop empathy in our learners, in order to help them understand the concept of the Common Good and how it contributes to a strong democracy.  My wish is that our children will develop an understanding of how helping others really helps us and our Democracy   I am hoping that the learners will gravitate toward WANTING to help out and give back to their community. I am hoping that  our children will understand and practice the following quote from one of our  past  guest speakers, from Habitat for Humanity, Tom Gerdy, "Just let your heart ...tell your hands what to do".     Can you imagine if this was "second nature" to our future leaders?

     As a teaching strategy,  we will be participating in mini problem solving activities known as Action Socialization Experiences (ASE) throughout the year.  These activities will help us work towards developing a community of empathetic learners and problem solvers.  Each of these mini problem solving experiences will provide opportunities for students to build working relationships that will carry over into their group work and will also help create a highly successful community of learners.  



    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call!  If you would like to be on a list of parent helpers throughout the year, please email or call me!   PLEASE REMEMBER YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME IN OUR CLASSROOM!  



    Always CHECK your child's Google Drive for Lincoln's Weekly! From time to time we will use the  Google Classroom,  CWC website and your student's backpack!


    Sharing a year of learning together,



    Maura Bowe Lincoln