Grover Cleveland Middle School HSA

    On behalf of the GCMS Home School Association, we welcome you to Grover Cleveland Middle School. If you are a returning family, we look forward to your continuing support and assistance. If you are a new family to GCMS, we look forward to your active participation in the educational lives of your children through the work of the H.S.A. The GCMS H.S.A. has several important objectives:
    • To foster close cooperation between home, school and community.
    • To provide a means for maintaining a representative and centralized organization of parents, teachers, administrators and other persons interested in Grover Cleveland Middle School.
    • To facilitate and promote effective communication to and from the Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education, GCMS School Administrators, Teacher’s Association & Faculty, Parents, Students and Community Residents.
    • To direct and coordinate home support of the school through educational programs, activities, social functions and fundraisers.
    Our objectives cannot be achieved, however, without the time, efforts and commitment of our parent volunteers. We challenge all of you to get involved. If an officer of the H.S.A. reaches out to you and says…”can you help”…SAY YES! We’re sure you’ll find that your active participation in the programs and activities of the GCMS H.S.A. will provide you with the most effective way to keep a hand in your child’s educational experience and truly enhance that experience.
    Grover Cleveland Middle School is the place where our children will spend an important part of their “growing up” years. Years where they will be in the midst of many transitions, both developmentally and socially. Please join us in our efforts to make Grover Cleveland Middle School the best experience they can have.
Last Modified on November 10, 2020