Grover Cleveland Middle School
    The years from ten through fourteen represent a period of fascinating and complex transitions: A time of growth; a time of expanding horizons, self-discovery and emerging independence; a time of metamorphosis from childhood to adulthood. In these often tumultuous years, a youngster experiences much growth and joy, as well as doubt and confusion. At the same time, it is an age when individuals still need special nurturing and adult guidance.
    With the above in mind, the primary goal of Grover Cleveland Middle School is to help students achieve their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional potential. Opportunities are provided for each student to interact in a positive way with adults and peers'. Small group learning activities, guidance services, and a variety of special interest club programs all serve to encourage creative expression in an environment that is supportive and caring. Training in interpersonal, decision-making, and coping skills which stress conflict resolution and tolerance, help students to resist pressures from peers and develop healthy life styles.
    The curriculum in the middle school takes into consideration the student's need to develop his/her self-esteem and self-responsibility. A variety of teaching methods and a balanced curriculum of core subjects with an emphasis on depth and quality of understanding of the major concepts in each subject area, as well as the connections between them help to create a meaningful interdisciplinary curriculum where students can cultivate their intellectual curiosity.
    Common planning time and flexible scheduling enable teachers to work and plan collaboratively. This organization provides an intellectually challenging program that helps students to recognize the complexity of knowledge and ideas while being supportive of their need for individual attention.
    Field trips, museum visits, guest speakers, and assembly programs add another dimension to students' learning experiences in the middle school. The library, which has been completely renovated and computerized, continues to serve as the hub of the middle school's learning environment. A network of computers in the library as well as three computer labs helps to facilitate each student's ability to access information quickly and effectively. The renovation of the third floor classrooms, including the addition of two new science labs and a MIDI music lab have resulted in a better organizational structure for the middle school. Each grade level is now 'housed" on one of the three floors in the building.
    Grover Cleveland Middle School teachers continue to grow professionally and improve their teaching skills by taking graduate courses and attending conferences and workshops. In addition, the teachers are working on aligning the middle school curriculum with New Jersey core curriculum content Standards.
    The cooperative efforts of parents, the school and the community help to build a supportive and caring environment for students in the middle school. This infrastructure helps to sustain students through these difficult transitional years.