Central Office Staff Contact Information:

  • Superintendent's Office      
    Title Name Email Phone Number
    Superintendent Dr. Christopher Conklin cconklin@cwcboe.org 973-228-6979
    Secretary to the Superintendent, Website Kerry Ryan keryan@cwcboe.org 973-228-6979 ext.3008
    Assistant Superintendent Kaitlin Jones kjones@cwcboe.org 973-226-7120
    Human Resources Manager Angela Tobey atobey@cwcboe.org 973-226-7120 ext.3011
    Student Enrollment/Central Registration Becci Marin   rmarin@cwcboe.org 973-228-6979 ext. 3044
    Director of Elementary Education Alyna Jacobs ajacobs@cwcboe.org 973-226-7120 ext.3039
    Director of Secondary Education Jameel Misbahuddin jmisbahuddin@cwcboe.org 973-226-7120 ext.
    Intervention & Enrichment (GAP) K-8 Coach Jenny Frank jfrank@cwcboe.org   973-229-7120 ext.3014
    Intervention & Enrichment (I&RS) K-5 Coach Amanda Mol amol@cwcboe.org  973-226-7120 ext.3038
    Intervention & Enrichment (I&RS) K-5 WAES Coach Lauren Guarino lguarino@cwcboe.org   973-226-7120 ext.6615
    STEM Coach Bridget Brown bbrown@cwcboe.org   973-226-7120 ext. 3034
    ELA Coach Emma Limatola   elimatola@cwcboe.org 973-226-7120 ext.3032
    Technology Integrator, Curriculum Cindy Halen chalen@cwcboe.org 973-226-7120 ext.3040
    Business Office      
    Title Name Email Phone Number
    Business Administrator, Board Secretary Brian McCarthy bmccarthy@cwcboe.org 973-228-3360
    Secretary to the BA, Board Secretary Mary Jane Tripucka mjtripucka@cwcboe.org 973-228-3360 ext.3007
    Secretary, Benefits Maureen Petersen mpetersen@cwcboe.org 973*228-3360 ext.3003
    Payroll Aileen Kasper akasper@cwcboe.org 973-228-3360 ext.3004
    Bookkeeper Annette Bush abush@cwcboe.org 973-228-3360 ext.3006
    Bookkeeper Moira King mking@cwcboe.org 973-228-3360 ext.3005
    Continuing Education James Casalino jcasalino@cwcboe.org 973-228-2092
    Continuing Education, My School Bucks Laura Bambrick lbambrick@cwcboe.org 973-830-2145 ext.3013
    Transportation Coordinator Marie Sensale msensale@cwcboe.org 973-228-3360 ext.3002
    Buildings and Grounds      
    Title Name Email Phone Number
    Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Chris Marcell cmarcell@cwcboe.org 973-228-1724
    Title Name Email Phone Number
    Technology Supervisor Lucian Micu lmicu@cwcboe.org 973-228-9115 ext.2071
    Department of Special Services      
    Title Name Email Phone Number
    Director of  Special Services Erin Madara emadara@cwcboe.org 973-228-5291
    Secretary to the Director of Special Services Tanya Gormley tgormley@cwcboe.org 973-228-5291 ext.3017
    Secretary, Special Services Judy O'Hagan johagan@cwcboe.org 973-228-5291 ext.3018