Faculty/Staff Application for use of JCHS CPA

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 Faculty/Staff Application for JCHS CPA 
The JCHS CPA has a wide range of capabilities for different activities. When planning your activity keep in mind that the extent of the equipment needed may require the presence of one of the CPA Managers. Please be as informative as possible when filling out the application.




Please fill out the row for each requested usage of the Center for Performing Arts. Please include start and ending times as well as any clean up time that maybe required. Purpose i.e. Guidance Program, In-Class Field Trip, Rehearsal, Performance,etc...
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The CPA has 3 types of microphones....1 Wireless handheld, 10 wireless lapel, or 10 wired handheld. The number of microphones requested will determine whether the program requires the sound board to be in operation.
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Description of activity will allow CPA managers to have equipment preset for your activity and determine whether your activity requires the use of the light and sound board. Example(Guidance Program with 3 speakers requiring 3 microphones and a powerpoint presentation or Dress rehearsal for spring concert)

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