• September 2019


    Dear First Grade Families,


    First grade is an exciting year for our students! They have already been working hard to grasp many new and important concepts and skills. Students are also learning about how to be responsible for themselves and the work they do. In an effort to help foster the development of responsible work habits, your first grader will begin homework next week. 

    Each Monday, your child will bring home a packet of homework in their Take Home Folder. The homework packet should be returned with all work completed on Friday. Your child’s homework responsibilities each week will be:


    • Read for 10-15 minutes each night and complete one reading response page per week. The reading response page only needs to be completed for one night of reading, even though children should be reading each night. Children may choose to read a book from home, a library book, an ebook on Epic or ReadingIQ, or a RAZ Kids book (more information on how to log in to RAZ Kids to come). Occasionally, books may be sent home from school for your child to read.


    • Complete the math practice pages. These pages will reflect skills and concepts we are learning that week with some review. 


    You and your child can decide on a homework schedule that works for your family. Keep in mind that first grade homework is meant to promote independence and responsibility, so try to avoid having your child finish it all on Thursday night!


    I have also included a few tips for helping homework to go smoothly. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to supporting your first grader in developing these important work habits!



    Carly Conrad

    Tips for a Successful Homework Routine


    • Develop a homework schedule with your child. Maybe the plan will be to complete one page each night, or to do two pages on one night if certain nights of the week are particularly busy. 


    • If possible, have your child choose a quiet workspace where homework will be completed. 


    • Reading before bed is a wonderful routine for first graders (keep it up!), but please avoid having children do their reading homework at this time. I encourage you to keep your bedtime story routine while having children do their 10-15 minutes of reading when they complete their homework.


    • Math and reading response pages are intended to be completed independently. Each page should take no more than 10-15 minutes for your child to complete. If your child has been working with difficulty for some time, have them stop and let me know. Homework is intended for practice and responsibility, not to be a point of unnecessary stress! 


    • If your child forgets their homework on Friday, please do not bring it to school for them. As homework is intended to promote responsibility, the goal is for first graders to complete, pack up, and return their homework on their own.