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    Questions and Answers


    1. What will the cost be for the Kindergarten Enrichment Program?

    Answer: $450 per month plus a $75 registration fee. A non-refundable total of $525 for the last month’s tuition, and the registration fee, is due with your registration. There will be a 10% family discount for siblings and a single $75 family registration fee. Checks can be made payable to: Caldwell West-Caldwell Board of Education.  


    2. When will the program begin?

    Answer: The program will begin with the first day of school, September 2017. The program will only run when school is in session and will not run when school is closed for any reason.

    3. How will acceptance be determined?

    Answer:  All families registering for the Enrichment program by February 10 will be guaranteed a placement for 2017-18.

    4. Can a student pay on a part time basis?

    Answer: The cost of $450 covers 5 days/week, regardless of how many days per week your child attends. The $450 per month applies to early dismissals, half days, etc. Financial hardship can be taken into consideration for reduced tuition.  

    5. Will the Enrichment Program be at the same school where my child attends half day kindergarten?

    Answer: No, the program will take place at the Harrison School Building at 104 Gray Street, West Caldwell.  

    6. Will students with IEP’s be given special consideration and will student IEP’s be followed?

    Answer: The program is open to all students including students with special needs. However, the program is not designed to provide additional academic support and would not be considered a part of a student’s IEP program.

    7. Who will teach the children?

    Answer: Our goal is to put a qualified NJ Educator in each classroom along with a teaching assistant.

    8. Will the students eat lunch?

    Answer: Yes, students will bring their own lunch and eat at Harrison School.  

    9. Will students have the opportunity to explore outdoors?

    Answer: Yes

    10. How will you decide AM and PM?

    Answer: We will work in coordination with the elementary schools regarding AM and PM placement.

    11. Can parents withdraw their students at any time?

    Answer: Yes, however, you will forfeit any money already paid.

    12. Will transportation be provided?

    Answer: Students will be transported between the four Elementary Schools and Harrison School. Transportation will not be provided to and from homes.  

    13. What are the hours of the program?
    AM Enrichment 8:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. (including lunch and transportation to PM Kindergarten)
    PM Enrichment 11:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. (including transportation to Harrison school and lunch)
    For more information please visit our program schedule page. 

    14. Will before and after care services be available at Harrison School?

    Answer: Yes, early drop-off (7:30 - 8:30 a.m.) will be available for $50/month and is provided through the district.  After care will be offered through the YMCA for an additional cost.