High School Theatre

  • In Intro to Theatre, we begin by breaking down both personal inhibitions and the walls that exist between individuals. These are often the only hindrances to a successful and transformative experience in an acting class, and right away we begin with work on ourselves. 

    The first unit focuses on the self, and releasing insecurities and allowing oneself to give in to the experience of being a part of an ensemble. We soon progress into physical acting - we have not even begun with words yet. It is important to be able to connect with the objects onstage and one's fellow actors wordlessly before we can start using sound. Once we have mastered the realm of the physical, we introduce sounds, and eventually small words, followed by sentences, and culminating in a scene performance from a play we read together. 

    Throughout the semester, students will be broken up into various pairs, groups, and individual solo units to complete performance projects based on given prompts. Various prompts include:

    Develop a silent scene with a partner
    Develop a monologue based on a picture of a person
    Develop a scene based on a set of ambiguous dialogue 
    Perform a scene from a play

    This work naturally leads into the second semester class Theatre 1, which is essentially a brief recap of Intro to Theatre, followed by scene study of several plays we will read and discuss, with the emphasis towards performance, rather than purely literary analysis.