8th Grade Drama

  •  This class is essentially a precursor to the high school theatre program. 

    In Drama, we lean heavily on improvisation as the number one learning tool. While specific units vary, almost every day we will play a series of improv games (think "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"). These games are not only fun and performative, but serve to build self-confidence and a sense of trust among the ensemble of performers in the class. 

    The units for the main projects are broken down as follows:
    Unit 1 - Learning basic theatre vocab, technical theatre vocab, and stage directions by writing Short Silly Scripts for classmates
    Unit 2 - Learning about archetypes in storytelling by writing and performing an Epic Poem in groups
    Unit 3 - Learning about different types of stages (proscenium, thrust, round) by writing and performing a Twisted Fairy Tale in groups
    Unit 4 - Learning about designing for theatre by reading a play as a group, picking a job (costume design, set design, lights, sound, props), and designing elements of it as a team
    Unit 5 - Learning about playwriting by writing and cold-reading our own plays with classmates