• birthday

    Birthdays are a special occasion and are certainly important to celebrate in kindergarten! The birthday boy/girl will receive a crown and birthday pencil from their teacher and of course we will sing happy birthday!


    Any of the following may also be done if parents would like:

    • We invite children to celebrate their birthday with the class by having a birthday book club guest reader.  Your child may choose a book from the birthday book club list to donate to our class library and have a special person come into our class to read the book they have chosen.  Please look at our suggested birthday book club list, choose one, and sign up to come into the classroom to read to the class for your child’s birthday!  Each family will receive a copy of the BIRTHDAY BOOK CLUB LIST and a sign up form at the Kindergarten picnic.


    • If your child has a summer birthday, they will be assigned a day to celebrate in class towards the end of the school year.

    Please remember, we follow the state nutritional guidelines as well as concern for various food allergies, therefore, NO BIRTHDAY SNACKS MAY BE BROUGHT IN TO SHARE WITH THE CLASS.  Due to so many food allergies, we also ask that goody bags are not sent in to school.  They cannot be distributed.


    We would be happy to send home birthday invitations in student folders as long as the entire class is invited! Although this may seem a convenient way to distribute invitations, it could result in hurt feelings if someone is not invited.