• Homework



         Homework reinforces classroom lessons. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday nights. It should be completed thoughtfully and neatly every day. Incomplete or sloppy homework will be returned and your child will be asked to redo the work. 
         If your child forgets an assignment an Oops! paper will be sent home with a note indicating what is missing. Please sign the Oops paper and return it to school with the completed assignment.

    Reading Homework

        Your child should spend 20 minutes reading each day - either being read to or reading independently. Each week your child will bring home "books in a bag." These are "just right books" for your child's level and should be read each day. Please return the books in a bag on Fridays.


    Mathematics Homework

          Students will have a workbook page for homework occasionally throughout the year. The workbook page is designed to reinforce lessons taught. 

          Each child should also practice addition and subtraction facts daily.