• Classroom Policies

    Children are permitted to bring one healthy, convenient, and easy-to-eat snack to school each day. Snack will be eaten while children are working at their desk. Please do not send drinks for snack. Snack should be packed separate from lunch. The snack will be kept in the child's desk until we take them out at 10:00. Please 
     consider this when choosing a snack for your child. Great snack ideas include sliced fresh fruit or vegetables, pretzels, granola bars, or crackers. Peanuts and peanut butter should not be sent in for snack. While yogurt and yogurt tubes are delicious snacks, they can get very messy and require time-consuming clean up.

    After School Plans

         Make sure your child understands what the plans are for after school before leaving the house in the morning. We cannot disrupt instructional time with phone calls and emails regarding reminders about lessons, play dates, religious education classes etc. If you feel a reminder is needed,  put a note to your child in the lunchbox and/or homework folder.

         We celebrate birthdays through the Birthday Book Club. The club is open to everyone in our class and it is a wonderful way to share in each child's celebration and promote a lifelong love of reading. For details see the Birthday Book Club page on our website.

         Children learn best when their teachers and parents work together. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Kelley with any questions or concerns.  To best way to communicate is through email: akelley@cwcboe.org. Or you may call the school at 973-228-3987 extension 6106.

    Conferences and Report Cards
         Conferences are held in January. Report cards are distributed in January, April, and June.  If you feel the need for a conference at any other time, don't hesitate to contact Ms. Kelley.

         We have high expectations for our students. Not being able to communicate due to sloppy handwriting hinders student progress. If a child's work is completed carelessly and we know that the child can do better, we will ask the child to redo the work.  Beginning in November, work that is completed in a careless manner will be returned to student to redo at home. Details about our first grade curriculum may be found on the Academics page of our website. 

    Field Trips
         Our class trips are curriculum related outings. You will receive a notice describing the outing prior to the trip along with a permission slip. All parts of the permission slip must be completed.  Our class parents coordinate the chaperons for the trips.

         Homework is expected to be returned every day. If you child forgets an assignment an Oops! paper will be sent home with a note indicating what is missing. Please sign the Oops! paper and return it to school with the completed assignment. 
       Your child's homework folder is a mini-progress report. Please check your child's folder each and every night. Remove the day's work and review it with your child. Please return only the homework and requested forms to school.  By sorting the papers each night, you are helping your child to begin the next day in an organized manner that facilitates learning.
        Details about homework may be found on the Homework page of our website.
    Leaving School Early
         Please do not ask to have your child dismissed from school early unless the matter is urgent. If you must schedule a doctor's visit during school hours, please try to do so first thing in the morning. Interrupting lessons midday to help a child locate homework pages and pack up is disruptive to other students' learning.
    Parents in Our Classroom
         Parents are welcome to help in our classroom as Holiday Readers, Health Speakers, Birthday Book Club Readers and Celebration volunteers. Please check the pages on our website for details about each of these programs.  

    Personal Belongings
         Clearly label all of your child's belongings, including all outerwear. 
        All money sent to school must be in an envelope with your child's name on it and the purpose.
        Please do not send in fancy supplies such as pencils, notebooks, sharpeners, erasers, etc. Often these items distract the students and fellow classmates. Kindly limit extra supplies to Ticonderoga beginner pencils and small, plain pink erasers.
        We are not responsible for toys brought to school.  If your child chooses to bring a toy, it must stay in the backpack or lunchbox and can be taken out for recess only. We want all of our children to focus on learning with minimal distractions.

         Weather permitting the children go outside to recess each afternoon.  Kindly dress your child accordingly, especially in the colder weather.  
    Shoes and Zippers
         If your child does not know how to tie his or her shoes, please make learning to tie them a priority at home. Untied shoes are not safe in a busy classroom. Your child should also learn to zip his or her jacket to keep warm during outdoor recess. Learning to tie one's own shoes and zip one's own jacket is a confidence booster for young children. 

         If you choose to take  you child out of school for a vacation at a time other than our Caldwell/West Caldwell district designated vacation days, we will send home workbook pages that your child  missed upon your return.  You are responsible for helping your child complete the pages and for correcting them as well.