• Summer is here and even though it’s the end of the school year it doesn’t mean we need to stop learning! Over the course of the summer all grade levels are asked to read a summer reading book. Below you will see listed the books that certain grade level students should read before September. I would strongly suggest downloading a free audio link, buying, or borrowing from the library an audio version of the books. This is simply to encourage the love of reading over the break.  


    More importantly I would like my students to email me with a weekly update on what they are doing, new things they have learned or experienced over the next 10 weeks. I will be checking my email every weekend to respond back to them. I am hoping that this will reinforce writing, typing, and communication skills over the course of the break. They can also ask me questions about the books they are reading as well. Email responses should include 3 complete sentences and 1 new question, as well as answer any questions I ask. This will be their first grade for Language Arts in September. Attached is a chart you can use to help keep organized for the assignment.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me and enjoy your summer!


    Mrs. Cook

    -Smile by Raina Telgemeier or I Survived the Great Chicago Fire by Lauren Tarshis

    (5th Graders Going Into 6th Grade)


    -Close to Famous by Joahn Bauer

    (6th Graders Going Into 7th Grade)


    -The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

    (7th Graders Going Into 8th Grade)




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