•  v1  Visualization

    During library class time the second grade students learned about how visualization can help them as they read.   This skill is increasingly important as they move from reading picture books to reading chapter books and need to create the mental pictures in their mind while reading. 

    The culminating activity was a project using the song The Princess Who Saved Herself.  Students were given a page with part of the song lyrics included and had to visualize what the lyrics meant to them.  Student art work was photographed and, with the help of Cindy Halen our district’s technology integrator, turned into a video using iMovie. Final products were then posted on YouTube.  The videos can only be accessed using the links listed below. 

    I hope you enjoy their work.  They did an outstanding job and I am extremely proud of their excitement for and dedication to the project!  So turn up your computer’s volume and enjoy the show!

     Mrs. Dunphy’s Class - https://youtu.be/dLc57wq20JQ
     Mrs. Leven’s Class - https://youtu.be/KU8WD1pgA0Q