2016 W-2’s

    Happy New Year!

    Some quick notes to make the processing of W-2’s run smoothly.

    W-2’s for tax year 2016 will be available online, at the Doculivery site, which also houses the paychecks. You will be able to print them out after January 31st.

    Please do not set up appointments to do taxes prior to January 31st and ask for a W-2 early. The W-2’s are processed as a district and cannot be processed individually.

    In order to view and print your W-2 from Doculivery, you will need to, “Opt In”.

    To quickly check and see if the W-2 information is set up, please do the following: 

    ·      Log into Doculivery  *(instructions below for those that have not used Doculivery or need a refresher.)

    ·      Go to the “Tax Forms” tab and click on the tab.

    ·       There will be no tax forms available on this screen prior to January 31st.

    ·       On the right hand side of the screen a message will say that you have opted in for tax delivery.

    ·      You are finished preparing to receive the W-2 for 2016 online.

    If you do not have a message on the Tax Forms tab on Doculivery stating that you have “opted in”, Ihave attached a detailed, step-by-step, description of how to opt in to yourtax delivery.

    *To access the Doculivery site, go to the Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education district website at this address:


    Right under the school district name and pictures there is a black bar with a list of titles starting with “Home” and the last title is “Staff Portal”.

    Click on the “Staff Portal” heading. You will see multiple pictures or icons to click on. The first icon is “Doculivery” which you should click on to access the login for your W-2.

    (A reminder that your user ID will always be only your last name and last four digits of your social security number. This will never change. Your password is only the last four digits of your social security number the first time that you log in and would have been changed to a password of your choosing once you signed in.)

    If you have forgotten the new password, that you have set up, there is a link right next to the password box that says “Forgotten Password?”. If you click on this link it will bring up the security questions that you have initially set up to retrieve or change your password. At the bottom of the sign in page there is a link to click and get a little quick start guide if needed.



Last Modified on January 8, 2017