• Class of 2023
    Advisor: Ms. Cassie Hecht
    Class of 2023 Officers:
    President - 
    1) Joe Conforti:

    Hi I’m Joe Conforti and I’m running for freshman class president. This year is a big one for the freshman we are just getting to the high school and we still have a lot to learn, I want to be apart of that learning experience and help in anyway that I can I have many ideas that I think will improve this year. Some of my ideas are to transfer student ideas into spirit week to make them more fun and make students want to participate for example meme day or character day where students get to dress up as whoever they want for an entire day, create a more organized lunch line where students aren’t climbing over each other to get their food, get them to be used. Also many of my ideas with the lunch line and how to improve it for easier access I have heard many students complaining about how difficult getting their food is and some just don’t go up because of how difficult it is. Many of the activities need a leader and I am prepared to be that and help the school in any way possible like attending fundraisers like the volleyball fundraiser at chipotle and attending football games for support. This year is new for everyone in high school and especially for us freshman I want to help all of the freshman in anyway possible and help them all fit in. I hope everyone considers me a potentially good candidate and chooses who they think fits best thank you.


    2) Malcolm Haddad:
    Hello Chiefs!  I’m Malcolm Haddad, and I am running for President for the Class of 2023!  This is our first year in the high school and it’s important we have a leader who can represent all our interests and get the job done.  I have the experience and the tools to be that leader. I am a good listener who is open to all ideas from my classmates and will be your voice always.  I am effective in running the council meetings and creating an atmosphere of cooperation. With my experience, I intend to work hard planning activities and fundraising to make this first year in JCHS awesome!  Let’s do this! Remember, to be a pal and vote for Mal! Thank you for your support. 
    Vice President: John Weller
    Treasurer: Taylor Cassano-Patti
    9th Grade Student Council Rep: Casey Pac