PARCC Results

In the coming weeks, Parents will receive their child's PARCC assessment score reports. These new reports look different, and have a lot more information than the reports from New Jersey's previous assessments NJASK and HSPA.  Below are some sample parent reports and guides explaining the information on the reports, so parents can familiarize themselves with their child's new reports.  The district is in the process of scheduling public sessions to further assist families make sense of PARCC results.  The first of these sessions will be held in January.  


The goal of the parent score report is to provide clear and meaningful information about the extent to which students are acquiring and mastering the knowledge and skills they needs to succeed in school, and to progress toward college and career readiness by the time they graduate.  Additionally, potentially more useful data about student growth is available to districts.  The school district is in the process of making sense of the data.  On a macro level, the district is analyzing PARCC along with other complementary data points to assess our strengths and weaknesses that exist in curriculum and instruction.  On a micro level, PARCC results offer another piece of data educators can access to discern individual student academic strengths and areas in need of improvement.   
Parent Guides