• GMAIL Getting a Grip on GMAIL

    Learn the Basics - Advanced

    During Gmail training over the summer and into the fall, your  facilitator cover basic functions of Gmail and work with individuals to personalize their account.  However, if you feel you have are already proficient in the required skills for these two tools, you may choose to move through these more advanced, self-paced lessons to deepen your understanding of the all the Google Tools, including Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Chrome, Search and Sites.


    Required Gmail Skills for CWC

    You can consider yourself minimally proficient in each area if you can successfully complete each of the tasks below.

    Required Skills - Gmail:

    • Send/receive email

    • Personalize inbox with custom signature, colors, background image, etc.

    • Create/use labels and filters

    • Understand the difference between Archiving and Deleting

    • Use the Chat feature to quickly communicate with others and read transcripts

    • Create groups under Contacts

    • Use the search feature to quickly find messages

    • Select useful Labs

    • Access Gmail on your mobile device (if desired)

    Below are additional training materials for Gmail.  Please note that some of training materials were developed for other school districts. However, the GAFE platform is universal, and steps to perform a task are consistent across school districts.  

    • Gmail for Beginners: (video)

    • GMail layout overview (video)

    • Reading and composing emails (video)

    • Labels and archiving (video)

    • Adding and managing contacts (video)

    • Setting up filters (video)

    • Creating a signature (video)

    • How to Add An Attachment in Gmail (video)

    Gmail Self-Assessment

    Determine your readiness and comfort with using Gmail by tackling a series of tasks.