• What Does Going Google Mean?



    Why Is CWC Going to Google

    CWC's server infrastructure is an aging system that is expensive to maintain. In an effort to utilize resources wisely, the district researched alternatives that will meet its needs. After consulting with other districts, CWC is moving to Google Mail (known as Gmail) to meet its electronic mail needs. This switch will help the district spend less time managing its IT infrastructure and save money as the district will no longer need to maintain servers or client software. CWC will experience increased security and reliability, while maintaining easy tools to communicate by email and shared calendars.

    The benefits of migrating to Google Apps include switching email from Outlook to Gmail to provide immediate gains such as:

    • Google's robust infrastructure employs some of the world's best security and network technologies
    • Switching to Gmail will relieve us of a fair bit of server administration, give more options to our end users, and free up the server resources that we are now using for Exchange. Less energy consumption by our data center.
    • The move may also prove as cost saving because the District will not have to invest in purchasing new hardware and subsequently in keep costly maintenance agreements over the years.
    • Better archiving (although not free) and much more storage space for the users mailboxes (Google offers 25 GB space for free).
    • Better SPAM and malware protection, all offered by the Google servers.