50% - Summative Assessments (major projects, presentations, unit tests, and exams)

     40% - Formative Assessments (class work, daily or weekly performance/assignments, quizzes, smaller projects, warm-ups and/or exit slips)

     10% - Homework

     Tests and quizzes:  Vocabulary quizzes will be given one or two times each week.  Quizzes may be announced OR unannounced.  All tests will be announced.  Tests and quizzes will assess oral, listening, writing, and/or reading skills.

     Projects:  Will be assigned several times throughout the year.  Each project will include an assessment rubric.

     Classwork:  Will consist of oral, listening, writing and reading activities and will be done both individually and in groups.  You are expected to participate positively and to meet the classroom expectations on a daily basis.

     Homework:  It is for your benefit.  When I assign homework, please write down the assignment in your student   planner.  Homework receives full credit if it is completed and/or handed in at the beginning of the class period and demonstrates your best effort.

     Students are responsible for completing all assignments, homework, and projects in a timely manner.  Assignments not completed will receive a grade of zero.  Late assignments will be given a grade of 50 if completed within a week.



    Please encourage your child to keep up with his/her work and to ask for help if he/she has any difficulty with the material. Remind your child to check my website for notices and study aids. Check your child’s notebook every Friday for assignment sheets and completed work.  

     Thank you for your cooperation.

    Señora Ferrer