• Eighth Grade

    Expectations/ Rules:

    • Arrive on time.
    • Be prepared and ready to learn (textbook, homework, binders, pencil /pen). 
    • Be respectful to classmates, teachers and school property.
    • Raise your hand to ask a question or to leave your seat.


    • 1st Offense: Verbal Warning
    • 2nd Offense: Appropriate Consequence: Parent contact or Detention
    • 3rd Offense: Office Referral
    *Detention must be served within two days or student will be given a referral. 

    *Any student who receives 3 referrals in a marking period will be excluded from participating in any school extra-curricular activities / events schedules during that specific marking period.

    *Any student who accumulates 10 or more referrals anytime during the school year will be excluded from participating in all extra-curricular activities and / or events scheduled for the remainder of the school year.