School-Based, Confidential Counselors
    Mary Cunningham, LPC, Student Assistance Counselor at James Caldwell High School: 973-228-6981, ext. 4029
    Debbie Santulli,SAC/ Bridge Counselor at Grover Cleveland Middle School: 973-228-9115, ext. 2049


    Are you concerned that your child may have a problem with drugs or alcohol? 


    There are several agencies (both non-profit and private) that will provide a confidential consultation and assessment for you and your child.  After a private interview, they will offer you feedback and provide you with several options & referrals to an appropriate level of care – if needed.


    It will be your decision as a family whether or not to accept referrals or recommendations. You will be educated as to your options.  


    You may choose whether or not to share information with the Student Assistance Counselor or Bridge Counselors (see above).  If you do include any of us, all information will be confidential. We hope that you do.  We are here to offer help and support.


    Some of the local agencies that provide independent assessments for adolescent drug/alcohol abuse are:

    The Bridge, Caldwell, NJ: 973-228-3000. http://www.thebridgenj.org Provides assessments & outpatient counseling for adolescents; Intensive Outpatient Program for adults only. 

    CarePlus,NJ:  Montclair & various locations in NJ: 201-265-8200; http://www.careplusnj.org


    Choices for Change, Florham Park, NJ: 974-443-0222


    Cope Center, Inc., Montclair, NJ:  973-783-6655



    Family Connections, Orange, NJ: 973-675-3817;



    Family Center of Montclair, Verona, NJ: 973-857-5333;


    High Focus Centers, Parsippany, NJ: 1-800-877-3628  www.highfocuscenters.com

    New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. 201-436-1022 http://www.newpathway.com

    Park West Associates, Montclair, NJ: 973-509-1444; (specializing in co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse); www.parkwestassociates.com.


    Treatment Dynamics, Florham Park, NJ: 1-855-844-1509; www.summittreatmentdynamics.com.


    Programs that provide in-patient, detoxification and residential treatment for adolescent substance abusers:


    Carrier Clinic: 1-800-933-3579; www.carrierclinic.org


    Clear Brook, Kearny, NJ: 201-991-3785; (provides in-patient, detox and family intervention).


    DayTop, Mendham, NJ: 973-543-5656; www.daytopnj.org.


    Four Winds, Katonah, NY: 800-528-6624, ext. 2764. www.fourwindshospital.com.


    Summit Oaks Hospital, Summit, NJ: 908-522-7000; www.summitoakshospital.com (provides in-patient detox as well as assessment);


    Sunrise House, Lafayette, NJ: 973-383-6300; www.sunrisehouse.com.

    You can also call NJ CONNECT at 1-855-652-3737, a confidential, free call line where you can access help from counselors when you or someone you know is dealing with heroin or prescription drug abuse.
    PREVENTION LINKS http://www.preventionlinks.org is a great NJ resource for education, intervention and support.  Learn about Recovery High School at Kean University.

    LIVINGSTON PARENT SUPPORT GROUP is a free self-help group that meets every Tuesday at the Livingston Community and Senior Center (2014 Hillside Avenue) from 7:45 - 10:00 PM.  A non-professional support group facilitated by parents who have experienced problems parenting challenging children -- which may include, but is not limited to, children who are abusing substances.  Email LPSHSG@gmail.com for more information.

    For more information, please contact us directly for a referral to an agency or private practitioner who will best meet your needs.  All inquiries are confidential.