1) If someone may be in immediate danger -- you should call the police (911) -- for response/help.  Don't wait if there is any cause to think a friend or loved one may be at risk for suicide.
    2) Parents/caregivers may have a young person assessed to find out if s/he is suicidal.  If a young person is under the age of 18, s/he may be brought to a hospital-based screening center for assessment. 
    Primary Screening Centers for Essex County: 
    These hospitals are properly staffed to respond to suicidal youth 24 hours/7 days per week. 
    East Orange General Hospital
    300 Central Avenue
    East Orange, NJ  07019
    Hotline: 973-266-4478
    Newark Beth Israel
    201 Lyons Avenue
    Newark, NJ  07112
    Hotline: 973-926-7444
    University Behavioral Health Care
    150 Bergen Street
    Newark, NJ  07101
    Hotline: 973-623-2323
    3) Adolescent Behavioral Health/Crisis Intervention at Mountainside Hospital: call: 973-429-6963.  Hospital-based service to assess youth in crisis and make referrals to an appropriate level of service. PLEASE NOTE: Mountainside does NOT have pediatric psychiatrist OR a pediatric in-patient unit. They will assess in the ER but transport minor-aged patients who need in-patient stabilization or care to other hospitals.