• Ceramics Curriculum                                         

    Below are descriptions of Ceramic courses offered at James Caldwell High School.  Student work created in these courses can be seen on my Student Work pages.
    831 Ceramics
    Grades: 9,10,11,12
    Credits:  5
    Prerequisites:  None
         This course is designed for beginners as well as advanced students.  Beginning students are taught methods of hand building such as coil, pinch, slab, glaze application, and firing processes are explained.  Elements of good design are emphasized through the construction of clay objects in order to develop a sense of aesthetics and individual expression within the student.  Advanced students are given specific problem solving assignments which stress elements and principles of design, the use of the potter's wheel, glaze compositions and advanced techniques such as spouts, handles, and lids.  Aesthetics and individual expression are stressed.  The art portfolio is encouraged at this level.  Lab fees may apply.
    832 Introduction to Ceramics
    Grades:  9,10,11,12
    Credits:  2.5
    Prerequisites:  None
         This course is designed for students who have never had ceramics at the high school level.  Students are taught how to build pottery by use of pinch, coil, and slab methods of construction.  Special emphasis is placed on surface treatments such as relief, incised design, slip trailing, inlay, graffito, underglazing, and other decorative techniques.  Students also earn glaze application.  Student are encouraged to create finished products that are both aesthetically pleasing and individually expressive.  Lab fees may apply.