• Classroom Rules

    Please always… 

    1.     Come to class on time and prepared with all required supplies and assignments.

    2.    Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get up.

    3.    Raise your hand if you have something to ask or say.

    4.    Respect others and their property.

    5.    Refrain from eating and chewing gum. You may drink water in class but no other beverage is permitted.

    6.    Follow the rules of conduct outline in the Grover Cleveland Middle School student handbook.

    7.    Pay attention and put forth your best effort!




    Violations of classroom rules will result in the following consequences: 

    1.     Warning

    2.    Detention

    3.    Parent Contact

    4.    Office Referral

    Administrative referral: Any violation of the following school rules results in an automatic office referral. 

    1.  Inappropriate physical conduct;

    2.  Willful disregard of any adult’s authority;

    3.  Being sent to the office for disruption of classroom activity;

    4.  Throwing anything at anyone;

    5.  Continual harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying. 

    6.  Continued  disruption of the learning environmemt.

    7.   Excessive tardiness to class and homeroom.

    8.   Failure to report to teacher detention.


     Please Note:

      • Detention must be served within two days. Failure to report to teacher detention will result in administrative referral.
      • It is the student’s responsibility to notify his/her parents about a teacher detention.
      • Repeated violations of school rules and regulations may result in the student being excluded from participating in school extracurricular activities and/or field trips.  

     Electronic Devices and Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D)

    Grover Cleveland Middle School is a B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device) school.  Students can use their personal devices (iPads, laptops, smart phones, etc) in class only when permitted by the teacher for academic purposes. Without Señora Ferrer’s expressed permission the devices should be turned off and secured in students' lockers as per the GCMS student hand book.

     Some Important Classroom Procedures

    Entering the classroom (Room 101). Students, you will line up in the hall quietly and enter the room only when a teacher is present. Take your assigned seat and quietly complete the day’s “CALENTAMIENTO” (the Do Now/ Warm-Up Activity) that is posted on the SmartBoard or written on the white board. Please note that CALENTAMIENTOS are designed to help us get the class off to a productive start every day. You are to copy each Calentamiento as specified and answer all questions in Spanish in complete sentences. Keep your Calentamientos arranged in order in a separate section of your binder. Calentamientos are scored and may be collected every 10 days and count as a QUIZ GRADE.

     When you are absent. When you are absent, I expect you to contact a classmate to find out what work you missed and check the school website.  Copies of handouts you might have missed while you were out will be filed in your class folder in the bin near the closet door.  If you missed handing in a homework assignment, hand it in at the beginning of class the day you return.  If you missed a quiz or test, you must set up a time with me to make-up the assignment within one week of your absence.

     Turning in work. Students are responsible for completing all assignments, homework, and projects in a timely manner.  Assignments not completed will receive a grade of zero.  Late assignments will be given a grade of 50 or below if completed within a week of the due date. 

     Extra Help. If you need help or have questions I’m available before or after school to assist you. Please come for extra help with your binder and pencil.