• World Languages Department

    Latin Club Internship


    • Objective

    The objective is for the High School

    Latin students to have an experience

    in teaching Latin, classical

    culture, and Greek and Roman

    mythology in one of the elementary

    or middle school Latin Clubs. This

    will provide the students an

    experience of teaching on the

    elementary or middle school level,

    and specifically sharing what they

    have learned about Latin and its

    benefits in the area of language

    arts and appreciation of Greco-

    Roman civilization. These after-

    school activities are designed to be

    fun as well as educational, and the

    High School students will assist by

    sharing their enthusiasm for

    the language.


    • Sequential Plan and Schedule

    High School students are assigned

    to teach at one Latin Club on a

    weekly basis. However, students may

    be constrained by other commitments

    to extracurricular activities. Thus,

    students could enroll for the entire

    year or some portion of the year. It

    is assumed that one to two hours

    would be the average outside

    preparation necessary for each hour

    of assistance in the classroom.

    This obligation is met by attendance

    at and participation in the weekly

    team meetings prior to the Latin

    Club meetings.


    • Working Relationships

    The High School students are

    responsible for meeting on a weekly

    basis as a team in order to plan

    the lessons and activities to be

    executed at the subsequent Latin

    Club meetings. Lead student teachers

    of each Latin Club also maintain

    weekly contact with the Adult

    Advisors scheduled for a

    particular week. Finally, each

    team submits its individual Latin

    Club's notebook containing journals

    and evaluations for review to the

    High School Latin instructor.


    • Evaluation

    The evaluation of student

    performance is based on the weekly

    entries in the Latin Club notebooks

    and is reviewed by the High School

    Latin instructor.


    • Independent Study Credit & Activity Entered on Student Transcript

    Independent Study credit is granted

    to those students who satisfy the

    requirements of this Latin Club

    Internship. The amount of

    Independent Study credit granted

    depends upon the number of hours

    worked in the Latin Club program.

    This activity and service, which is

    not compensated monetarily, is

    recorded on student transcripts,

    as evidence of having successfully

    contributed to the educational

    experience of elementary or middle

    school students. Details of the

    Independent Study can be included

    in applications to colleges and

    universities and in letters of

    recommendation by faculty and

    counseling staff.


    • Transportation

    High School Latin students are

    responsible for their own

    transportation between JCHS and the

    Latin Club location, and then to

    their respective homes.


    Latin Club Independent Study Proposal