• World Languages Department

    Classics Curriculum


    • 551 Latin I

    This course is designed to prepare

    students to develop the capacity to

    read simple Latin with some ease. To

    this end, grammatical structures are

    stressed. Vocabulary building is an

    integral part of the course. In

    addition, various aspects of Roman

    culture are studied. The use and

    application of Latin in the modern

    world is emphasized.


    • 552 Latin II

    Preparation of students to read

    longer and more complex Latin

    passages, after an intensive review

    of Latin fundamentals, is the

    emphasis in Latin II. Advanced

    grammatical structures are

    introduced, and vocabulary items are

    strongly drilled. Additional topics

    of Roman civilization are

    introduced, but the major emphasis

    is on reading heroic legends and

    mythological pieces.


    • 553 Latin III

    The initial emphasis is placed on

    review and mastery of second year

    grammar and vocabulary. Various

    individual writings by authentic

    Latin authors are employed. There

    is a focus on Roman history, and

    Caesar is the major writer



    • 554 Latin IV

    This class reads a survey of Latin

    literature, including Cicero, Ovid,

    Sallust, and Vergil. Projects on a

    special topic or genre are assigned

    when appropriate. At regular

    intervals, students present portions

    of their work orally to the class

    for discussion and evaluation. In

    classes where the level of

    achievement and background warrant,

    the readings of selected authors may

    be undertaken.

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