• Homework and Absent Work

     Homework Policy:
    Homework plays a major role in student success. Homework will be checked daily and sometimes collected, and it will be posted daily on my website. It is very important for students to complete their homework and hand it in on time. Students can receive half credit for homework being one day late. Anything after one day late will not receive any credit. Homework should be done neatly and thoughtfully. Effort needs to be obvious! Students should try their hardest on homework and always take an educated guess if you are unsure. "I didn't get it" is not an acceptable response for any homework assignment.
    Absent/Missed Work: 
    If a student is absent due to an illness/religious holiday/any reasonable excuse, they will not be penalized for any late work. The student is responsible for finding out any missed work. They should check my website and the absentee folder in the classroom for any missed handouts or notes. For any further information please see the student handbook regarding the make-up work policy.
    Papers, Projects, and Presentations:
    When handing in papers, or anything that needs to be typed, students need to make sure they have it printed before class. If they are having trouble before class with printing, they can see me before homeroom to use my printer or go to the library. They can even email me their paper, but they need to make sure the formatting is correct and that I will have no issues opening up the file. Late papers will receive ten points off per day. All applies for projects and presentations.