• Third Grade Parents-

    We want to tell you about an excellent tool our district has provided for our students to practice and prepare for the PARCC test. This tool is a website that can be accessed through the www.studyisland.com internet address. You will find tests that include questions very similar to those students will experience on the actual test given in April. There is a section for each of the core content areas being tested in third grade: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

    This year we are asking that each third grade student use this tool at least once a week as part of their homework. They should try to work on one subject for about 20 minutes a week, and visit a new subject each week. Third grade students will be asked to record times and dates on a log given out by the teachers.

    While visiting these areas, they should be spending most of their time taking the practice tests provided. You should expect your child to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per visit to work on the tests. After working on the tests, PARCC provides fun, educational games that correlate with the skills to be tested. Your child may visit this area of the website as well. However, please know our expectation for the homework assignment is spending 20 minutes on the practice test. Time spent on the games does not need to be recorded on the Study Island Log to be handed in on Mondays.

    We understand computer time at your homes could be in high demand from others in your household. We also know that some homes may not have computers or internet access. It is our hope that for the upcoming months you could make an effort to help your child access this helpful tool, whether at your home, a friend or neighbors home, or even the public library. The third grade students will use Study Island in school as well.

    We believe the more time your child spends actually completing this homework as assigned, the more comfortable they will feel during the PARCC test. Exposure to PARCC- like questions from Study Island will help your child feel more confident, relaxed, and less anxious while taking the test.

    Thank you in advance for your help at home in overseeing this homework assignment. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us through a note in your child’s homework planner or an email.


    The Third Grade Team
    Each student has a log in name and password for Study Island.
    Go to the internet and type in
    Under member log in- type their user name
    Each child's user name looks like this:
    their password is math
    Please let us know if you have trouble.