•  Kindergarten SuppliesPencil

    • A Large Backpack - full size to hold folders (Please, no backpacks on wheels! Please label with your child's name)
    • An Art Smock (an old BIG t-shirt is preferred - please, nothing that needs to be tied or buttoned) - Label with your child's name.
    • 1 box of Tissues
    • 1 Container/package of Antibacterial Hand Wipes
    • A CLEAN, EMPTY coffee can (by November 1st)
      **** Each family is asked to send in 1 additional different item. Please refer to your letter for this item. You will receive it in August.
    ****Please bring in all supplies at our Meet and Greet on Wednesday, September 6th. You can find information regarding our Meet and Greet on my Announcements page of my website.
     Thank You!!