• Birthday Book Club



         We love celebrating birthdays in our first grade class. We sing Happy Birthday and your child is the messenger and line leader for the day. Scroll down to see our Birthday Celebration Day Schedule.Birthday celebrations are scheduled as close to the actual birthday as possible.


    Noah - September 20

    Edward - September 23

    Madison - September 27

    Vincent - October 4

    Gabriella - October 11

    Riley - October 18

    Colin - October 23

    Margaret - October 25

    Tylan - October 28

    Trenton - November 1

    Charlotte - November 20

    Daniela - December 2 - Half Birthday

    Sergio - December 10

    Evan - January 6

    Nora - Jaunary 30 - Half Birthday 

    Alexander - February 7

    Natalia - March 20

    Allisson - April 3

    Myla - April 15

    Antonio - April 20

    Jake - May 6

    Michael - May 21

    Fernando - May 29

    Lyla - June 16


         You may join the Birthday Book Club and get in on the fun. Simply sign up online at http://www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0A44AAAB23A7FE3-birthday . Simply purchase a book (hardcover or paperback) through your favorite bookseller. You, a special family member or friend will be the guest reader. The guest reader of your choice can bring the book and visit our classroom on your child's birthday celebration day at 9:00 A.M..  With the birthday child by the reader's side, the guest reader will read the new book to the class and join in singing Happy Birthday. If you'd like, you may donate the book to the class. Children with summer birthdays will celebrate their half birthdays during the school year so they don't miss out on the fun!