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    District Goals 2016 - 2017

    1.    Complete the next phase of the Five-Year Curriculum Plan:

        a.    Implement the Grade 6-12 Language Arts, Science, and World Language curriculum.

       b.    Revise the K-5 Science and Social Studies curriculum.

        c.    Evaluate the Grade 6-12 Mathematics curriculum.

       d.    Develop and support pilot projects that focus on meeting the academic needs of all students.

    2.    Support staff in developing Professional Learning Communities and provide extended professional learning opportunities in the Next Generation Science Standards and Elementary Reading/Language Arts and Secondary Mathematics programs.

    3.    Complete analyses of the short-term and long-term options for facility and staffing needs required to implement a full day kindergarten program, in-district special education services, and other educational programs.

    4.    Develop a draft document of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan based on the 2016 School Community Survey, current educational research, and input from the stakeholders regarding future needs and concerns.

    5.    Identify and implement further cost efficiencies and appropriate sources of revenue.

    Board Approved September 19, 2016.